Hello! I am Sridevi. I am a ‘minimalist’, I always try to keep things simple and clear. My interests are reading books and exploring places. I have always been an ‘experimental person’. As a child, I wanted to become a Doctor but quite opposite happened and I ended up joining an Engineering college.

After completing my boring graduation, I started working as a lecturer but gradually I lost interest in teaching because that  was not what I wanted, later I joined some other organization and left that too then I realized that I cannot do a regular boring job, I wanted a job which involves creativity, challenges, research and much more where I can see actual results of my work.

I love watching Korean dramas so, from that particular interest I got a thought of starting my own YouTube channel, with some effort I started my YouTube channel but unfortunately, it was a failure because of lack of knowledge in particular tools and techniques.

After thinking and researching a lot, I came to know about Digital marketing and how this particular field suits me which will help me in not only getting a job of my interest but also doing something of my own. So I decided to join this course and I am waiting to see where this step will take me to. So this is about me till now, still, I am exploring myself lets see what would I find new about me. 


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