How Black Hat SEO Kills Your Business

Search Engine Optimization techniques are classified into two Main categories White Hat and Black Hat.

White Hat SEO: Techniques recommended by search engines as part of a good design.

Black Hat SEO: Techniques those search engines do not approve and an attempt to implement these techniques referred to as spamdexing.

Let’s see what exactly is a Black Hat SEO 


Black hat SEO refers to techniques and tactics concentrated solely on search engines, but not on the public. It is more frequently used by the people those who are looking for quick money rather than a long-term investment on their website.

Some Black Hat SEO Techniques

Keyword stuffing: It is an unethical search engine optimization technique where a web page is loaded with keywords in meta tags and in content inappropriately. whenever search engines find this. It ‘ll stop crawling these pages.

Hidden text: It is a textual content which your visitors cannot see but is still readable by the search engines. Hidden text is search spam.

Buying Old Domains: Shady SEOs buy old domains with authority and backlinks and use them to link back to their sites which they want to rank well in the search engines.

Paid Links: Purchasing links on websites only for the increase in link popularity and rankings. Cannot be seen as a quality link.

Cloaking: It is one of the Black Hat SEO techniques where content shown to search engine is different from the content shown to the user.

Parasite Hosting: Hosting your website on someone else’s server without their permission to get the popularity.

Black Hat SEO is an illegal SEO technique which breaks the search engine’s terms of service. These techniques no doubt will help you for higher rankings but it will also get your website banned or penalized. So after putting a lot of energy and money the only result, you will get is penalized. So don’t go for these short-term techniques instead use techniques which will have longer sustainability.


















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